Utility Products

Continental manufactures a variety of approved products built to the utility specifications for the Detroit Edison Utility Service Area in Michigan and parts of Ohio. Among these are service equipment such as bus heads with risers, Underground Service, or Overhead Service Utility Tap Boxes for multiple metered customers. Browse below to find more product information, brochures, and approval information for download. Content will be added to this page as we continue to create more supporting documents.


Continental Electrical Products #DECO-CT1000-24 & 36 (R&L)

U.L. 414 Listed,  Detroit Edison Approved 1000 Amp, 3 Phase, 4 Wire, Metering Cabinet.

This is a wall mount 3r enclosure that has been tested and accepted by both U.L. and Detroit Edison/DTE for current transformer mounting to provide revenue metering to the utility. We can pair these with our UL listed Short Run Bus for overhead service drops from the utility transformers at the pole for a reliable service installation up to 1000 amps for single or 3 phase systems.


Continental Detroit Edison Multiple Service Tap Box For Underground Service: (Continental MSTB)

This is a wall mount 3r enclosure to provide lugs for incoming line connection as well as outgoing load connections. generally the load is split to multiple revenue metered users but can be provided with only one utility feed. It is very common on a multiple tenant commercial or retail building.


Continental Detroit Edison Standard For Overhead Multiple Service Tap Box: (BMS Tap Box)


Continental Detroit Edison Switchboard With Service Head Riser: (Overhead Service Riser Switchboard)